Werewolf - a howling good time!

Werewolf at The Local Taphouse, St. Kilda
Werewolf at The Local Taphouse, St. Kilda

What is it?

Werewolf is a game of social deduction and deception.

Each player is either a Human, trying to find the werewolves before they get eaten, or a Werewolf trying to hide until they overrun the village.

Public Games

I've been running Werewolf, for new and experienced players, in pubs & at conventions across Melbourne on a monthly basis for the last 5 years.

Come down to one of our regular games and see the fun for yourself.

Home Games

I can also bring the game to you and your friends.

Games can be played with 10-20 people and last about 60-90 mins.

Drop me a line to arrange your own game night!

Outwit < WEREWOLF > Uncover

The Humans win when all the Werewolves are dead, but you don't know who they are - they could be anyone! You'll need to sort out the truth from the lies while trying to convince your fellow Humans of your loyalty without giving the Werewolves a reason to kill you. Vote to execute those most suspicious and find out if you were right.

The Werewolves know who each other are but there are far fewer of you. Can you hide in the shadows, bluff your way out, or go down in a blaze of gory? You can still win after you die, so don't be afraid to take one for the team.