Home Games

If you've had a chance to try our public games and want to have that experience all to yourself, fear not! We can bring the Werewolves to your place.

Werewolf works best with 10-20 people¹, games usually last about 1 hour² for 15 people, and I'll explain all of the rules before we start.

Simply drop me a line and make a booking.


Cost: $80/hr, Melbourne metro.


NB: All home (and public) games are currently on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions.


¹ Player numbers can go as low as 7 and, while there's technically no upper limit, it gets rather unwieldy after 25.

² Game length varies depending on how many players there are, how talkative everyone feels, the complexity of the roles in that game, and sheer randomness.

Regular / Corporate Events

If you'd like us to run Werewolf at your corporate event, or on an ongoing basis, please get in touch for a quote & scheduling.